Friday, 4 November 2016

OBSCURE CHAOSZINE - Awakening the witch part 1 (compilation review)

This is a fantastic idea from the brains behind obscure chaos zine - it is a show case of 21 great bands from around the world playing underground metal be it death, black or power metal who have all donated a track for inclusion on this great digital download comp which is available (free.. so you have nothing to loose!) at the songs can be downloaded as a huge comp or one at a time but I have to say the quality is generally pretty high with all the bands so it's definately worth downloading the whole thing. A lot of fans may not like everything on here as it covers a wide range of metal but for those that can listen with an open mind its definitely worth it.

The highlights for me were Hecate Enthroned, Axemaster, Christfuck and Prime Evil who are in their own rights reasonably well known bands at their respective styles of metal that they do, not only adding great songs to the mix but a sense of bigger credibility to the compilation. Overall the standard of music is pretty high with only a couple of bands falling short in
production, but to be fair that would be expected to some degree with an underground music compilation... the only thing I can say is go visit the site and download it for yourself and you'll undoubtably find at least a couple of new treasures and bands to check out.

From a business point of view the concept is fantastic too.... with 21 bands involved if all members of the band get together to share it and promote it the reach on social media for everyone would be fantastic! Hopefully it raises the profiles of everyone involved! It will be interesting to get back in touch with the creators of the concept in a few months and see how the concept has done for everyone.

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