Wednesday, 1 March 2017


revenant - prophecies of a dying world LP  - one of picks for most undderated albums ever!

This is just a bit of fun, but as we know there are thousands of underground bands that have a lot of talent that for whatever reason never break out of their local scene to even get known in the metal scene so here's a few of them that I've heard either back in the day or some how come across in my metal journey since... here is a few gems I've uncovered... all good and all worthy of a listen ... if even only post-humously:

Sorcery (Sweden)
Ripper of a Demo Cassette - great riffage and songwriting and truely far more deserving than some of the stuff that made it big from the same era !

California's Sadistic Intent did enjoy some level of underground notoriety but I always felt they should have been bigger. Things looked up for the band in a big way when Jeff Beccera from Possessed decided to reform his band with most of the members of Sadistic Intent as backing/ touring musicians.. which worked well for the "Possessed" brand but Sadly no news from Sadistic Intent camp of late (except strangely enough an Australian gig a few years ago) since :/

Formed in 1987 from New Jersey , Ripping Corpse were one of the first technical death metal bands... following closely on the heels of Morbid Angel (remember this was before Canniabal Corpse) oddly enough the band did feature Erik Rutan who later went to to play for Morbid Angel

Revenant made it past the demo stage and managed to put out 2 rather polished and musically accomplished records and the above mentioned video clip... I by chance managed to buy one slab of said vinyl back in the 90's and was blown away by it... truely legendary stuff from these guys.... They even released the albums on a then underground and largely unknown label (nuclear blast records) and still manged to avoid any media attention and eventually faded into obscurity. Shame this makes me sad, as the band had a lot to offer!

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